About Us

My name is Egidijus Celiesius, more commonly known as Eggis. I am 31 years old, Lithuanian by birth and moved to the UK five years ago to work.


In my homeland I ran my own construction company for five years between 2003 and 2008, buying land and building one-off, bespoke family homes to order. During that time I also completed my studies and now hold the equivalent of a  BSc in Mechanical Engineering. With that qualification and five years practical experience under my belt I decided to re-locate to the UK and start a new life here.


My hands-on experience combined with my degree means that I am more qualified than your average builder in understanding how loads and pressure can affect construction. Not only can I read and interpret architects and engineers drawings easily, I can offer alternative solutions if required.


I tend to work solo on single projects, retaining casual labour as I require it. If legal requirements mean that I can’t complete a task (some electrical works for instance), then I have a small, reliable pool of tradesmen that I can call upon to team up with. I prefer this “hands-on” style of working which also means that you can be assured that it is me on-site completing the job rather than spreading myself too thinly over several jobs and losing the attention to detail that most clients want.